First Saturday Mornings of Recollection

Inspired to Inspire!

The First Saturday Mornings of Recollection at the Cathedral of Saint Paul are mini-retreats in accord with Our Lady’s instruction at Fatima, designed to foster greater devotion, understanding, and living out of the Gospel of Christ in the world.

8:00 ..........Mass
8:30 ..........Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
   light refreshments are served after Mass in Hayden Hall on the lower level
9:10 ..........Rosary
   led by the Mothers of Priests of the Archdiocese
9:30 ..........Conference #1
10:00 ........Private Prayers, Confession and Adoration
11:00 ........Conference #2
11:45 ........Benediction

No registration is needed for participation in our First Saturday Mornings of Recollection. Bring a friend!

2017-2018 Speakers

(To hear the audio of a past talk, click on the link following the talk title.)


November 4, 2017:

Leah Libresco Sargeant

Catholic convert, speaker, author

1. Argued from Atheist to Catholic   (Click here to listen)
2. Fights in Good Faith    (Click here to listen)



December 2, 2017:

Monsignor Jeffrey N. Steenson

Priest Scholar in Residence, Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity

Preparing the Way: Advent Reflections on the Coming of Christ
1. The Angels' Mission   (Click here to listen)
2. Mary, the Second Eve   (Click here to listen)


January 6, 2018:

Deacon Stephen Najarian

Parish of St. Charles Borromeo, Adjunct Professor, Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity

1. Developing a Life of Prayer   (Click here to listen)
2. The Necessity of the Interior Life for the Apostolate   (Click here to listen)



February 3, 2018:

Sister Mary Joseph, ACJ

Handmaid of the Heart of Jesus

1. Religious Life: A Living Image of the Church   (Click here to listen)
2. Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus: Living in Imitation of Our Lady   (Click here to listen)



March 3, 2018:

Anne Williams

Director of Salesian Studies, Visitation School

1. Directing our Intention to God, in the Tradition of St. Francis de Sales  (Click here to listen)
2. Heart-Speaks-to-Heart; Spiritual Friendship with St. Jane de Chantal  (Click here to listen)




April 7, 2018:

Dr. Christopher Thompson

Assistant Professor Moral Theology and Director of the Center for Theological Formation, Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity

1. Mary in the Plan of Creation  (Click here to listen)
2. Joseph in the Plan of Creation  (Click here to listen)




May 5, 2018:

Father John L. Ubel

Rector, Cathedral of Saint Paul

1. The Penitential Psalms: Recovering a Spiritual Tradition  (Click here to listen)
2. Penitence and Mercy: Two Sides of the Same Coin  (Click here to listen)