Confirmation Mass Schedule, May-June, 2017

The following is the schedule for Confirmations being held at the Cathedral for May and June, 2017. Due to frequent changes, we are not able to publish a list of parishes attending each Confirmation. If you need clarification on which date your parish attends, please contact your parish.

For dates and times in other locations--the Basilica of Saint Mary and the Church of Saint Dominic--please consult the document "2016-2017 Confirmation Schedule" found here

Please also be aware that parking fills quickly around the Cathedral. Early arrival, particularly for Confirmandi, Sponsors, and those assisting at Mass, is highly recommended.

Confirmation Masses at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, May-June, 2017

May 1                   7:00 pm                Monday

May 2                   7:00 pm                Tuesday

May 4                   7:00 pm                Thursday

May 11                 7:00 pm                Thursday

May 14                 2:00 pm                Sunday

May 15                 7:00 pm                Monday

May 18                 7:00 pm               Thursday

May 20                 10:00 am             Saturday

May 21                 2:00 pm               Sunday

May 22                 7:00 pm               Monday

June 4                   2:00 pm              Sunday

Spanish Confirmations

June 10                10:00 am            Saturday

June 24                10:00 am            Saturday